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China's Precision Casting Industry Should Follow the Environmental Protection Route

Issuing time:2016-12-01 00:00

China's investment casting industry is in a new stage from a big foundry country to a powerful foundry country. We must overcome the bottleneck of energy, resources, talents and environmental problems. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to use high technology to improve the quality of castings and reverse the image of low technology content and low price of Chinese castings in the international market.

(1) Strengthen the research on new casting technology, new materials and new equipment. To strengthen the basic research and applied research of foundry industry, many metal materials in precision casting industry are universal and key. Therefore, attention should be paid to technological research and improvement. At the same time, advanced technologies such as material technology and computer simulation should be strengthened to stabilize product quality.

(2) Developing raw and auxiliary materials for environmental-friendly casting.

(3) To adjust the industrial structure, encourage intensive joint restructuring, improve supporting equipment, according to the specific conditions of different regions and enterprises, classify guidance, maintain pressure. We should adhere to the combination of supporting the good and eliminating the bad, upgrading and remodeling and eliminating the backward, and combining mergers and reorganizations with closing down and bankruptcy.

(4) Focus on legislation on energy and environmental protection and strengthen law enforcement.

(5) Constructing common technology and high-tech transmission platform.

(6) Actively and conscientiously implement ISO14001 international environmental management system standards. The significance of the implementation of the standards helps to improve the environmental awareness and management level of organizations; helps to promote cleaner production and achieve pollution prevention; helps enterprises save energy and reduce consumption and cost; reduces pollutant emissions and reduces the risk of environmental accidents; ensures compliance with laws and regulations, avoids environmental criminal responsibility; meets customer requirements, improves market share; obtains green passes, walks To the international trade market.

(7) Promote green casting and take the road of intensive cleaner production. In the investment casting industry, green casting project is implemented, and efforts are made to realize that every link of casting products from design, production, use to recycling and waste disposal meets the specific environmental protection requirements, coordinates with the environment, and maximizes the use of resources and energy conservation. At the same time, through increasing investment in science and technology, capital investment and careful management, the maximum output and benefit can be obtained on the basis of full utilization and maintenance of resources.

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