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Strict Production Process for Precision Casting

Issuing time:2016-12-21 00:00

Precision casting is a common way in industrial manufacturing model. Precision casting has less restriction on products and lower internal stress in products. Therefore, the production investment is less, and large-scale parts with good performance can be produced, but the production cycle is longer, so it must be machined after forming. At present, the methods of pouring, inlaying, pressure casting, rotary casting and centrifugal casting are derived from precision casting.

1. Before casting, we must be fully familiar with the casting process documents. Before casting, we should know the casting sequence, the required molten steel material, weight and the distribution of the casting mould. Check whether the number of ladles, quality of repairs and heat of baking intervention are qualified, and whether the crane is running normally.

2. Check whether the clamps and bolts of the sand box are firm and firm, whether the weight and position of pressing iron are suitable, whether the riser ring, gate cup and gate plug are properly placed. Eliminate the unsafe factors of casting passage.

3. According to the casting sequence, process requirements and casting requirements of the gate plug is properly placed. According to the casting sequence, process requirements and casting requirements of the gate plug is properly placed.

4. Air should be induced immediately after casting, while casting, and large castings should ignite the ignition materials beside the blowhole. When casting large castings, the riser must be poured once or twice after pouring, and the thin shell of the riser must be prized open before pouring.

5. When the molten steel is poured to 1/3 of the riser height, the amount of molten steel overflowing from the nozzle and riser should be removed immediately after casting, and the gate cup should be removed to facilitate sand falling and normal shrinkage of castings.

6. When molten steel is completely solidified, the mould can be moved. At the later stage of casting, attention should be paid to the molten steel quantity in the ladle. Slag drinking is not allowed for important castings. The remaining molten steel is poured into the remaining groove.

7. The remaining sand mould should cover the riser so that it can be rearranged. If the storage time of the sand mould is not more than 48 hours, it can be cast normally. If it is more than 48 hours, it should be checked to confirm whether the casting mould meets the requirements before casting can be decided.

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